Midweek Pennant – Eltham Bowling Club

Tuesday pennant begins in mid September and runs for 18 rounds with finals commencing in early February.  The competition is divided into 7 divisions, a premier division and Division 1 for female bowlers only, and open divisions 1 to 5. Outside of the Premier Division, divisions are further sub-divided into geographical sections of 8-10 sides.    

Movement between divisions is on a promotion/relegation basis with (usually) the top 2 sides in each section being promoted to the next division and the bottom 2 being relegated. Due to a period of sustained high performance, Eltham has two sides in Divison 1, in sections 2 and 3. Eltham also has a side in each of Division 2, 3 and 4.  

In all divisions aside from Division 5, a pennant side consists of 12 players who play in teams of 4.  This means that a pennant match between 2 sides has 3 separate games in progress.  The aggregate scores over the 3 games determines the winner of the match, and this aggregate winner is awarded 10 competition points. 2 points are also awarded for each winning team, which means a maximum of 16 can be awarded any match day. Division 5 is a triples format, consisting of 6 players playing in sides of 3, and the maximum points that can be awarded is 14.  

The usual starting time for matches is 10:00am.  Prior to this time there are 2 practice ends for all players to judge the playing conditions.  A break for lunch is taken around noon. 

Fixtures, Results and Ladders 

Click the links below to take you to the SportsDesq service where you can view the ladders, fixtures and results for each division. 

Division 1, Section 2 Desktop Mobile
Division 1, Section 3 Desktop Mobile
Division 2, Section 3 Desktop Mobile
Division 3, Section 4 Desktop Mobile
Division 4, Section 5 Desktop Mobile