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Eltham Bowling Club was founded in the late 1970s and established in 1981.  In the mid-1970’s an Eltham Council Sports and Recreation Advisory Committee found that there was a need for a bowling club in central Eltham and government money was sought.  At the time state government funds for sporting purposes were scarce although there were ample funds available for recreation purposes.  Hence the recreation path was pursued and the name of Eltham Recreation Bowling Club resulted.

Old Clubhouse

For the first 21 years the club operated from an old farmhouse which was later extended by club members.  The photo to the right shows the extended building.  The original farmhouse is the tiled roof section on the left;  the iron roofed section from the chimney onwards is the added extension.

Access to the buiding from the greens was a huge problem.  The alternatives were to walk up the driveway to the front in Susan St or traverse the 40-odd steps on a staircase that did little to inspire confidence.

The club embarked on a long campaign to have new clubrooms at the same level as the greens.  This campaign was eventually successful in 2002 and we moved into our current modern clubrooms in 2004.




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