Club Positions For 2020/2021



President P. Toovey
Vice President J. Yarwood
Treasurer R. Harris
Secretary H. Smith
Assistant Secretary R. Sloggett
Director A. Ryan
Director T. Wadham
Director D. Hosking
Director R. Camera
Director J. Sharp
Past President C. Shilling/Collins


Midweek Pennant Selectors R. Sloggett, T. Wadham (Convenor), H. Smith, D. White, P. Flett
Saturday Pennant Selectors G. Lambert (Convenor), H. Smith, P. Toovey, W. Harvey, R. Camera
Match Committee Members B. King, R. Camera (Convenor), C. Shilling-Collins, G. Lambert, P. Toovey, B. Irvine
Bar Committee that includes Committee Members D. Hosking (Convenor), W. Harvey, T. Smith, R. Harris, J. Sharp, B. Cairns
& Hall Hire Co-ordinator P. Flett
Green’s Committee F. Camera (Convenor and Greens’ Director)
 and Committee Members G. Lambert, D. Hosking, S. Veitch, B.Irvine, D. Woodward

Sub Committees

Coaching Sub-Committee W. Harvey (Convenor), F. Camera, R. Camera, H. Smith, B. Arnott, N. Spargo, M. Spargo, J. Krizek
Umpires and Markers Sub C D. Henery (Convenor), B. Arnott, F. Camera, H. Smith, M. Luke, S. Veitch, N. Spargo
Catering Sub-Committee Members R. Sloggett J. McDermott (Convenor), K. Pepyat, W. Lyons
Special Events Sub-Committee Members B. King, M. Luke (Convenor), T. Smith, C. Andrews, B. Goodman
Fund Raising Sub-Committee Members J. Millar (Convenor), W. Harvey, A.Ryan, R. Proudfoot
Recruitment and New Member Sub-Committee J. Millar (Convenor), J. Krizek, J. Miles
Night Pennant Sub-Committee P. Hickey (Convenor), G. Toovey
Summer Wednesday Social Bowls Sub-Committee Members B. King, B. Goodman (Convenor), C. Andrews, B. Pavic
Winter Wednesday Social Bowls Sub-Committee Members B. King, S. Veitch, C. Andrews (Convenor), D. White, K. Taylor, K. McGuire
Winter Saturday Social Bowls Sub-Committee Members B. King, R. Allen, J. Millar, W. Lyons, D. White
Garden Sub-Committee Members P. Osborne (Convenor), H. Smith, P. Toovey, W. Wilson
Facilities Sub-Committee that includes Works Director  & Providore  & Clubhouse Managere W. Wilson, B. King, J. Millar (Convenor), C. Toovey, J. McDermott
Twilight Bowls Sub-Committee J. Millar (Convenor), W. Lyons, J. McDermott
Forty-Forty Sub- Committee J. Elliot (Convenor), R. Sloggett, C. Sloggett, M. Luke, J. Sharp
Jazz by the Green F. Camera, R. Camera (Convenor), K. Pepyat, S. Arnott, C. Shilling/Collins

Portfolio Holders

Sponsorship J. Yarwood
Barefoot Bowls Co-ordinator S. Spargo
Handbook Organising Group Editor S. Veitch
Handbook Organising Group member B. Arnott
Delegates H. Smith, P. Toovey
Website S. Veitch
Electronic Services R. Harris
Newsletter J. Yarwood