Please view at the bottom of this page, the draft fixture for Midweek Pennant Season 20/21.

Here is a copy suitable for printing.


Message from Midweek Selection Committee


Next Tuesday, 24th November, our practice matches are against Ivanhoe:-

  •  1st & 2nd sides will be playing at Ivanhoe,
  •  3rd & 4th sides will be playing at home on the synthetic green

Refer to Helen’s email to see where you are playing.

Now the details for this Tuesday’s Practice games

  • The start time for games is 10.30 am except for the Duty Rink at home.  This week, the Duty Rink is the 3rd side team skipped By Peter Osborne who should arrive 40 mins before the game.  They should use the Duty 2 – Setup Outside list which is on the fridge in the kitchen.
  • Please arrive at least 20 mins before we are due to start
  • Please make sure you have your name ticked off by your side manager when you arrive at your game.
  • Please go directly to the rink allocated for your teamn  and do not congregate outside the clubrooms before the game.
  • Club Uniform to be worn
  • Please bring your lunch, we are hoping to have a break, TBC on the day
  • Please bring your own coffee or tea as there is NO Tea & Coffee due to restrictions
  •  Please bring a drink bottle with you too
  • Skips to pick up their scorecards from your side manager.
  • We are playing 21 ends straight BUT there may be a break which is to be confirmed on the day.
  • Bar will be open after the game – TBC

Please note when using the clubrooms entry is through the first door and exit via the second door near the toilets. Please remember only limited numbers are allowed inside due to restrictions. There will be extra arrows and crosses on the floor to help us move around safely.



Please wear a mask – except for delivering a bowl

Keep a safe distance – at all times

Use hand sanitiser – regularly

Mats & Jacks to be sprayed with disinfectant before and after the game

Please contact Treenah if you are unable to play


Midweek Pennant Committee: Treenah, Riekie, Pam, Don & Helen