40/40 Bowls – Eltham Bowling Club

40/40 is an exciting, fast-paced format of bowls, so named because each half of the game generally takes around 40 minutes to complete. The game has been designed to introduce new bowlers to the game of bowls, in a competitive yet social environment. 40/40 is aimed at the social and non bowling members. In fact, full club members are not permitted to take part.

There are 3 players on each team (ie. “triples”) and each game is played over 2 sets of 6 ends. Each player rotates throughout the three positions in their side, and each side has a powerplay end which counts for double shots.

The Eltham Bowling Club has conducted several competitions in the 40/40 format and another is planned for the 2023/24 season.

Starting time each week on Friday night is 6.00pm in February and March.

For any more information or enquires please contact John Elliott on 9435 1937, 0487 818 224 or jelliott2699@yahoo.com.au