Night Pennant – Eltham Bowling Club


Night pennant begins around mid-October and runs for 11 rounds with finals commencing in January.  Tuesday is competition night.  The competition is restricted to local clubs nominally in the north east of Melbourne.  Apart from Eltham, the other clubs that field sides are Rosanna, City of Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Bundoora, Templestowe, East Ivanhoe and Montmorency.  Hurstbridge and Diamond Creek used to field sides but haven’t recently.

The finals system is unusual in that while there is only 1 division and each side plays each other once, at the end of the season the top 4 sides play off for the division 1 pennant and the next 4 play off for the division 2 pennant.

Night pennant sides consists of 12 players who play in teams of 4.  This means that a pennant match between 2 sides has 3 separate games in progress.  The aggregate scores over the 3 games determines the winner of the match.  The usual starting time for matches is 6.45pm.

Each week all players vote for the best player on their rink.  The player with the most votes wins the David Sidwell Trophy as the most consistent player.

Winners of the 2018/2019 Division 2 Night Pennant  –  Shane Waddingham, James Miles, Luke Roche, Lisa Bartolo, Helen Smith, Joe Bartolo, John Baker, Crystal Bo, Steve Spargo, Tim Smith, Paul Hickey, Jim Yarwood, Brent Blackwell, Rena Baker and Michelle Dalton.

Season Most Consistent Player
2004/2005 Ian Jones
2005/2006 Jim Yarwood
2006/2007 Cliff Lynch
2007/2008 Steve Williams
2008/2009 Steve Williams
2009/2010 Bradley Jones
2010/2011 Cliff Lynch
2011/2012 Steve Williams
2012/2013 Paul Hickey
2013/2014 Cliff Lynch
Rod Kelley
Vicki Williams
2014/2015 John Baker
2015/2016 Paul Hickey
2016/2017 John Baker
Pam Flett
Paul Hickey
2018/2019 Joe Bartolo
2019/2020 Paul Hickey