Bowls is a game for all ages.  It has one of the highest participation rates for any sport in Australia and can be played year round by men and women of all ages.  It is both interesting and challenging as well as enjoyable at a social or competitive level depending upon your interest.

Try before you decide

Before making a financial commitment to join the club we provide you with free coaching from one of our accredited coaches.  The coaching will consist of four to six sessions of around an hour’s duration covering the basic fundamentals of delivering a bowl and playing the game of lawn bowls.  Following these sessions you will have a good idea as to whether or not you wish to join our club and take up lawn bowls as a sport or pastime.  The bowling equipment necessary for these sessions will be freely provided with the exception of bowling shoes.  Initially, any flat-soled shoes are fine to wear on the greens.

Coaching & playing

Once you’ve joined the club the services of the club coaches continue to be available free of charge.  All you need do is make an appointment with one of them for a mutually convenient time.  Your coach will advise you when you are ready to play in an organised game.  Most people reach this standard after just a few lessons.

Once you start playing organised games the coaches continue to be available upon request as you develop and improve your bowling skills and tactics.  Advice on the purchase of bowls and clothing is also readily available from the coaches.  Casual clothing is generally appropriate for social bowls; club uniform is worn in pennant competitions and championship finals.

Types of membership

  • New bowler membership of $70 ($50 for juniors and students) for the first summer season. This is available for those who have not bowled before or have not bowled for the last 10 years. The purpose of this is to help out with the expenses of purchasing bowls and clothing.  This covers all entitlements of being a full member.
  • Full membership for $330. This is an all-inclusive membership with the following entitlements:
    • Playing pennant and social bowls (excluding winter social bowls) at no extra cost (ie. no green fees)
    • Competing in club championship games, special events, club tournaments and sponsored days at a nominal cost.
    • The right to be on committees and to vote at club meetings.
    • Free practice sessions – every member is issued with a gate key.
    • Free coaching at all times.
    • Free afternoon tea at social match days.
  • Social bowls membership for $115
    • Allows an unlimited number of social bowls per season at a cost of $6 per game.
    • Free practice and coaching sessions.
    • Free afternoon tea at all social match days.
  • Social (non-bowling) membership for $25.  This category is typically taken up by friends and families of bowling members as well as those interested in belonging to a limited licence sporting club.

The bowling season

Our main season runs from September to the end of April each year.  Off-season bowling continues May to August on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. All competitions are mixed except for gender-specific club championships.

Interested in joining?

For any further information please contact Ros on 0439 396 328 or Helen on 0408 596 917.

Otherwise, get in touch with the club by calling 9439 4404, or send us an email to