Midweek Pennant – Eltham Bowling Club

Tuesday pennant usually begins in mid September and runs for 14 – 18 rounds with finals commencing in early February.  The competition is divided into 7 divisions, a premier division and open divisions 1 to 5. Outside of the Premier Division, divisions are further sub-divided into geographical sections of 8-10 sides.

Movement between divisions is on a promotion/relegation basis with (usually) the top 2 sides in each section being promoted to the next division and the bottom 2 being relegated. In 2021/2022, Eltham fielded five sides, playing in Divisions 1, 3, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

In all divisions aside from Division 6, a pennant side consists of 12 players who play in teams of 4.  This means that a pennant match between 2 sides has 3 separate games in progress.  The aggregate scores over the 3 games determines the winner of the match, and this aggregate winner is awarded 10 competition points. 2 points are also awarded for each winning team, which means a maximum of 16 can be awarded any match day. Division 6 is a triples format, consisting of 6 players playing in sides of 3, and the maximum points that can be awarded is 14.

The usual starting time for matches is 10:00am.  Prior to this time there are 2 practice ends for all players to judge the playing conditions.  A break for lunch is taken around noon.

Fixtures, Results and Ladders 

At the start of each season, the Club will advise where you can view on-line the ladders, fixtures and results for each division.