7 February 2003 Midweek Round 13

   Details for this Tuesday’s game

Please arrive at your venue before 9:45 am except for the Duty Rinks at home.

Please arrive 45 mins earlier for Duty 2 – Setup outside, Duty 1 Setup – inside.

  ** This week’s – Duty 2 rink is 1st  side rink – skipped by Greg Lambert  &

                                               – Duty 1 rink is 4th  side rink – skipped by Frank Pavic

·           Rolling Grass Green  –  Noel Spargo

·           Blowing / sweeping Synthetic Green  –  Neville Pawley

·           Gate Duty this week – Tom Ridi


For those carpooling please park your cars in the overflow carpark off Pitt St, to help alleviate parking issues in the club carpark.

As the weather is warming up, remember to be well hydrated & to bring your drink bottle. 

If you are unable to play  please contact Treenah