UPDATED WEDNESDAY 2 November 2022 Midweek Pennant Round 4


Currently there is no access to the Bowls Club from the overflow carpark in Pitt St,

the bridge was damaged with the flood waters last week. AND

with the way the weather has been over the past week or so, all games are on

unless your skip calls you, to let you know the game has been cancelled.

Details for this Wednesday’s game

Please arrive at your venue before 10:00 am except for the duty Rink at home.  Please arrive 30 mins earlier for Duty 2 – Setup outside, Duty 1 Setup – inside.

  ** This week’s – Duty 2 rink is 4th side rink – skipped by Bob Cairns  &  – Duty 1 rink is 2nd side rink – skipped by Greg Lambert.

 Gate Duty this week – David Hosking


For those carpooling please park your cars in the overflow carpark off Pitt St, to help alleviate parking issues in the club carpark. 

Bring your lunch, we are having usual break around 12pm

Please bring a drink bottle with you.

If you are unable to play  please contact  Treenah